Hallo liebe Plusser, helft mal George Takei dabei, über 250.000 Follower bei G zu bekommen.
PJ Rosenberg
George Takei – Google New Member

Okay, google fans, George Takei  says if he can get 250K fans or more to “circle” him here, it will prove that google is not a ghost town and he will start being active on it. He doesn’t think it’s gonna happen. Shall we prove him wrong? Currently he is over 20,000 followers!

When Google was in its infancy, it openly courted celebrities to join – their weight could obviously help to popularize the network. and to some extent, it worked. Takei’s not going to single-handedly launch Google into Facebook’s orbit, but having more popular presences from other social realms embrace Google couldn’t hurt. 

Here’s what you can do to join the effort: 

1. Circle George Takei 
2. Plus-one and share this message to grow the movement. 
3. Write a comment below in support of George Takei dumping Facebook and moving to Google !